I know it is kind of too late for me to write about this but here goes... HOW I ENVY THOSE WHO CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lately I have been to my seniors' departure to their awaited destination:GERMANY@DEUTSCHLAND At KLIA,they stand proud with their well tailored outfit(RM 700++) embraced and showered with praises all over.... At that particular moment I just dazed out(not sleeping) in thinking... will I ever be even close to that??? hmmm,,,,,,let time be the judge and my effort to be my attorney.. but now,,,,,i have noticed that my saviour is becoming weaker and weaker... so,,,,i have evolved deeply from the innocent to the offender,,, and with our JPA advisor coming in telling us second chance is futile.... i must think back what i have done and what to do... so wish me luck as i do not want to be indulged in this devouring world,, all I want is to be what God can appreciate and not for people to measure or judge... so GOD...please...i am begging of you.... please,eradicate this evil,sick feeling of MAZMUMAH(that is the Arab word for negative value) and guide me to your one true light... AMINNN

Some Of the Photos,,,for more...sorry....copyright protected,,,
maybe next time..

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