Pernah x korg rase mcm korg 2 yg jdi foreigner dkt tahah air kte yg trcinta ni???
Well,mcm 2 lah ape yg ak rasa smalm
smalm,sblm mnonton perlawanan bez man u vs arsenal(tpi pnuh kontroversi)
ak g la klcc,mle2 jlan2,tpi sbb ak rse nntila window shopping,
ak pn g la msjid die kt tepi taman klcc 2.
prgi2 2,1st person ak nmpak org Iran,
tgh amek wudhu' sblh org Arab lg(Jordan kot)
sbb dtg lmbat,ak xsmbhyang Isya' lg,jdi ak g la blakg,
tgk2 ada jemaah pak Arab lg,ak pn tibai je la smbahyg ngan diorg.
mse trawikh pn sma,tgk dpan,blakg,kiri,n kanan..
ade je bkan mka swo matang mcam ak,
haiz,rse kdg2 2 ni Malaysia,ke Arab?
taula Arab 2 kre masyok la kn,,,
im not being racist here,but to be rational,
sempena esok ulang taun negara kita bebas dari pnjajah,
kta skrg da bkn lg malay.chinese.india.
kta skrg da (brkmbg) n (brevolusi)
taula skrg da 1 malaysia..
hmmm,taula,kadang2 2 rse rimas gak.
dgr bahase slain mlayu @inggeris on the streets..

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msuk ari ni da 5 ari da puase xtggal.
dan terawikh alhamdulillah pnoh gak,
smalm ak mula trpikir dlu kt skolah,kalo x ustaz,mmpus ak nk g semayg sonat pn,
ak tgk bdak2 kt blakg mse smbahyg tdi pn tringat ak dlu..
trawikh ni juz wat tmpat memaen ja,maen mercun la..
skrg semayng je,,
uhmm,xtau la ak da brubah atau skadr hipokrit tpi yg ak tau,
ak kna tbah>>
msalhnya ngan peksa n assgnment,,
taun ni mmg mncbar,,
agk2 korg la,bley x ak tbah??
ak da tkot ngan mcm2 da..
tpi still,life goes on,
it's up to us to unfold our own destiny..
ape2 pn..

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PrAy MAkes tHe WorlD sAFer(proved)

Now that EALD blog surveillance is un-officially over
Malay is now in commence
Now for the story
Mula2 skali,post ni dibuat kerana BM sekarang sudah diiktiraf kembali nilainya
Jadi,sorry sbb sblm ni,mlas nk tlis sbb BI la..skrg,aktif!
Hmmm,crita brmula on d way nk ke gombak..
sbb dkhabrkn jersey da siap..
kmi pn brgegas la,kononnya xnk mngggu lma2..(walhal...)
on d way,ak bru sdar,srg nk msuk musim tengkujuh da..
jdi hujan pn lbat la tdi..
tpi nk djdikn crita,kilat mla smbar mnyambr...
mla2 ok je,tpi bla da nmpk dpan mata,mla nk mngglabh,,
doa pape ntah dbca,konon2 wat plindung la,,,
tpi kilat mkin kuat da la,,,haha..
zhaf da tdo(mlas lyan kot),yg len da diam..radio ja brbunyi..
ak pn diam je la,,last skali,mjur suma semayng asar..
kmi slamt tba d intergomb..jersey pn siap da amek...
lwa gak laaaaaaa,hjan pn da rda,klat pn xda,lega sket..
tpi nk dktakn gak binawe pnye ari,kdai mkan pn 1 hal..
tlis len,byar len,,xpsal2 abis duit lagi..emm,biarla,jnji knyang..(alhamdulillah)
skrg da slmat tba d hstel,,alhamdulillah skali lagi..
jdi nilai murni nya d cni,walaupun mcm mana pn,sembahyang i2 mmg amar makruf nahi mungkar la...(xtggal da lpas ni)haha,,=p...

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It is 5 a.m in the morning and i'm awake..
i'm doing my German revision when suddenly i thought that:-
"What the **** am i pretending at?"

I've never done this before,
waking up so early in the morning doing something,
the last thing i remembered is being 'rotan'ed by my 'ustaz' for not waking up,,
now I'm all on my own.
No ustaz.no mama.No nagging people urging me to step out of bed.
Me.Now i know why do my parents manage to wake up at sharply 6 o'clock in the morning.
They have done it before and it is in their blood.
For me,it's coming,this habit is visiting,and it wants to stay....
What should i do???

Become an adult and wake up@
crawl back under my SHEET?

Just an action of stupidity at 5.25 in the morning.
Sleep tight.

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I have just completed my usual schedule for Saturday night,,
just so you know...football is what i craze most
tonight i just watch 2 completely different games,,
one between spurs and Everton,
which was a totally boring game..(wish i watch spidey-3 though)
then on kops vs hammers..
the game was alright but there were some poor timely decision by the referee..
(duhhhh,again like in the Chelsea-Barcelona game)
except this game was truly on Liverpool for the taking,,,
pity that West Ham couldn't score though...
But,what i really like to blur out is the love for the game..
I seriously love the game as i would love my so-called 'girlfriend'
but it amazes me of how the same faces kept on showing up without any sign of trouble..
they looked so deeply involved in the game that makes me admire them so much..
Some would said 'Late night football is useless',
but i would say that the power of love for the game overthrows this negative thought as i believe that
football is a 'spiritual gate away' for people who loves the game,,
It brings the
m the inner relief when they watch their team to come out on top of their respective matches,,

I would say that is true as i too feel it that way..
I just wanna point out that not love,love is the ultimate weapon,
but also LOVE FOR THE GAME!!

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Just wanna share a thought,

we,as a STUDENT or ein SCHULER in Germany..
have been constantly tormented by this blotted out 'treatment'
no matter where we are,
whether we are in the primaries,secondaries or colleges
or even in universities..
this obscure 'specialties' kept on haunting us with its

For what do we pour all of our power and virtues into it?
Some might say for the proof of whether we are studying or not,,
some others might say for better understanding in something,
Well,i would say the same but i have this one particular reason for it..

  • S-sucks
  • T-tiring
  • U-uneasy
  • D-dying
  • E-eerie
  • N-nasty
  • T-tension

(Count the last S out,will ya?)
I would say that is what a student's life should be....
There forth,this 'luxury' is just another component to make up..
what we would call a STUDENT'S life.

Just an expression from a man that had enjoyed both physically and mentally
through this so called 'happiness'

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WhaT a RipOFF!!!!****!

Have u all ever been treated so nicely before??

Maybe,this is just a little bit of what i would say a 'devil's treat'
Wellllllll,the story started with me and my friends going out for lunch as usual..
in a time where every dimes worth a gold,,(we are all a bit low on cash!!)
Plus JPA allowance will only be around June for the taking...Therefore..
we expect to just eat to live,not live to eat,,,but,the phrase
'all goes around comes around' can be such a cruel,cold truth,,
the services at this 'secret' restaurant was fantastic..marvelous i would say..
(The name of the restaurant is kept quiet for safety and legal issues)
we did not have to move an inch as all were being served non-stop to us..
All of our needs are theirs to fulfill...:-
"Boss,tambah nasi mau ka?Boss,ni ayam mau potong ka buang tulang?"
That was what the waiter had said that make me wonder..
The irony of this fairy tale is that that restaurant were just an ordinary stall(warung mamak)
at the streets,yet the services had outclassed the ones as in a 5-Star Restaurant,,
We had thought that "Mamak stall okla,not so expensive"
But then,when we were given the bills...
"OOPPPSSSS,there goes my money for my foods for this one whole week"
I was left dumbfounded as now,all i have is just 20 cents left,,,
What would i do with 20 cents?????????
Now,i officially declare myself as BANKRUPT and BROKE...
Would anybody help me out then???

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NotHIng BeatS HomE..

As time passes by,in this vivid,arduous AUSMAT course,,,
I've kept on impugning myself of my decision to be here than in UT_,
then,I prayed on helplessly to GOD..hoping for some truth
behind this so called 'easy fast lane' to DEUTSCHLAND..
then.this envision that started to build up in me started to make me weep..
it was my home,and all my family are there,expecting for me to come back home proud..
proud as much as i can be,for that what they hoped for..
their eyes glimmers with hope,,,
their smiles crack open my heart to tears..
i know that now..AUSMAT is just another hurdle..
not a death sentence,
nor an injustice punishment,
just a barrier.
between me and my home..

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I know it is kind of too late for me to write about this but here goes... HOW I ENVY THOSE WHO CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lately I have been to my seniors' departure to their awaited destination:GERMANY@DEUTSCHLAND At KLIA,they stand proud with their well tailored outfit(RM 700++) embraced and showered with praises all over.... At that particular moment I just dazed out(not sleeping) in thinking... will I ever be even close to that??? hmmm,,,,,,let time be the judge and my effort to be my attorney.. but now,,,,,i have noticed that my saviour is becoming weaker and weaker... so,,,,i have evolved deeply from the innocent to the offender,,, and with our JPA advisor coming in telling us second chance is futile.... i must think back what i have done and what to do... so wish me luck as i do not want to be indulged in this devouring world,, all I want is to be what God can appreciate and not for people to measure or judge... so GOD...please...i am begging of you.... please,eradicate this evil,sick feeling of MAZMUMAH(that is the Arab word for negative value) and guide me to your one true light... AMINNN

Some Of the Photos,,,for more...sorry....copyright protected,,,
maybe next time..

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ReaLity of FootBall

what a week...
on last Sunday,,,i torchered my eyes in not closing to watch a live football match..
and it's all worth it...
my favourite team,Manchester United(MU) had humiliated Chelsea worsely by a 3-0 scoreline..
i cannot count how many times i've screamed and chanting MU!MU!
it was all a magical moment
and i,i slept at 4.30 am that day...
now,that crap is nothing,,
here is the real deal....
my `reward' for doing so...
8.50 then only i was awake
sharp by 8.55 Miss Say had said earlier she was going to be in class early and
and the rest of the day,,let it be between me and myself only..
you can conclude it yourself,when you have only have 5 minutes to prepare...
what will happen?
haha,,,so to all..
remember,its not wrong to watch late night football.,
but its obviously humiliating when you came `unprepared'...
u know what i mean right>>:)
ok thats all,,,till next time

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never have i wondered to be a scholar of JPA..
at first,i thought,im on the brink of the ultimate success like people say,
but now,i understand at most what 'no pain,no gain' means,
now,i have to fight again by any means
fight my way to my theater of dreams(not Old Trafford) ,
if i would knew that last year was a harmless transition ..
will all my words of filth lost in translation ,,
thank you Herr Lambert,Frau Pfeiffer in creating my most meaningful life partition,,
with 2009 arise a new stage of shadows,
shadows waiting to consume the weaklings,
and i do not know if i'm the survivors or the victims,
let us all see who sought to become one of the victors,
Is me name included as well??
let fate ascertain that for me..
rite now all i need is just a dip,
a dip to a world of no physics,chemistry,maths nor languages
to the world of only dreams and hopes existing solely...

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olla everyone!!!

at last....
my own blog was created...
i've heard a lot about bloggin or `internet diary'(as i preferred to call it),,,,
first,found it not so interested but now, i'm in it...
furthermore there`s this reason that made me `must' to blog...
let it be a secret...
ok, so then wish me luck in bloggin`
i don`t wanna end up behind bars as we had seen before....
Bis wieder..

still thinking.......
(what to write)

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