ReaLity of FootBall

what a week...
on last Sunday,,,i torchered my eyes in not closing to watch a live football match..
and it's all worth it...
my favourite team,Manchester United(MU) had humiliated Chelsea worsely by a 3-0 scoreline..
i cannot count how many times i've screamed and chanting MU!MU!
it was all a magical moment
and i,i slept at 4.30 am that day...
now,that crap is nothing,,
here is the real deal....
my `reward' for doing so...
8.50 then only i was awake
sharp by 8.55 Miss Say had said earlier she was going to be in class early and
and the rest of the day,,let it be between me and myself only..
you can conclude it yourself,when you have only have 5 minutes to prepare...
what will happen?
haha,,,so to all..
remember,its not wrong to watch late night football.,
but its obviously humiliating when you came `unprepared'...
u know what i mean right>>:)
ok thats all,,,till next time

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never have i wondered to be a scholar of JPA..
at first,i thought,im on the brink of the ultimate success like people say,
but now,i understand at most what 'no pain,no gain' means,
now,i have to fight again by any means
fight my way to my theater of dreams(not Old Trafford) ,
if i would knew that last year was a harmless transition ..
will all my words of filth lost in translation ,,
thank you Herr Lambert,Frau Pfeiffer in creating my most meaningful life partition,,
with 2009 arise a new stage of shadows,
shadows waiting to consume the weaklings,
and i do not know if i'm the survivors or the victims,
let us all see who sought to become one of the victors,
Is me name included as well??
let fate ascertain that for me..
rite now all i need is just a dip,
a dip to a world of no physics,chemistry,maths nor languages
to the world of only dreams and hopes existing solely...

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olla everyone!!!

at last....
my own blog was created...
i've heard a lot about bloggin or `internet diary'(as i preferred to call it),,,,
first,found it not so interested but now, i'm in it...
furthermore there`s this reason that made me `must' to blog...
let it be a secret...
ok, so then wish me luck in bloggin`
i don`t wanna end up behind bars as we had seen before....
Bis wieder..

still thinking.......
(what to write)

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