to buy or not to buy?

Now,since my exams have finally closed it curtains,I myself for once am relieved.But now,1 more question come to mind,is it time to own a personal computer(PC)?

My plan for this goes like this,in April,my friend,azizi has invited us all to partake in an upcoming 1Malaysia kind of event in Grenoble,France.So for that alone,maybe a couple of hundreds ist foreseen to up and vamoosh from my bank account.And as my plan goes along,I am returning back to my native land,Malaysia,in July.(Woohoo).But now the painful part is the tickets,900€ and still rising.For that alone,perhaps I am not able to buy anymore stuff which may or may not be essential to my studies.My friends here in this God-blessed Bremen had suggested that I ´smuggle´ some of the components like processors,graphic cards from Malaysia.That´s one thought I have to take into account.But yeah,I am still thinking about it,and perhaps one day,my logic bulb will suddenly sparkle to life giving me an epiphany I so desperately need right now.

Ok,enough said,I´m leaving now.

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